Frequently Asked Questions


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Why should I choose Stark Homes to build my new home?

We take pride in the work that we do and guarantee that you be left with a high quality home and a positive experience from working with us.

Stark Homes is built on a basis of honesty, integrity, and a true passion for the process of building a custom home.

Trust is the most important aspect of building for clients and our goal is to create an environment from day one that is both transparent and purposeful for both the client and the builder. 

You can read more about your home warranty coverage here.

Do you do home renovations?

Stark Homes is primarily a new home construction builder, but if you have a project you would like us to look at Contact Us and let’s review your renovation project. 

What services do you provide?

Our clients choose to build a custom home because they’re interested in creating a place they can truly call their own and to be able to tailor a house specifically to their unique design and style tastes, as well as your own lifestyle. But one benefit that many people don’t consider when they’re building a custom home is the additional support that comes from working with a custom home builder.

We are part of every facet of the project from the planning, excavation, foundation, framing, finishing, and even the interior design.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes, we do. If you are interested in a consultation, please visit our Contact Page and fill out the contact form, we will get back to you as soon as well can. 

What areas do you service?

Stark Homes proudly services Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley area. 

Can I be involved in the building and design process?

With a Stark Homes, you have total control over every choice, from doorknobs to siding to paint color, and someone to help guide you if you simply can’t make a decision.

From the initial floor layout to the selection of countertops, your involvement is important and necessary on a regular basis, you are the most integral part of the home build. 


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How long can I expect my project to take?

Every project is different and each has its own timeline. We will take careful consideration during the planning process to ensure that we set a timeline for your build that is realistic.

For more information about our process, please read our article: The Keys to an Exceptional Home Build.

How do you ensure that projects stay on budget?

Once a draftsman has been chosen and drawings are complete, we send the finished product off to trusted trades and suppliers to give accurate quotes and create a working budget for the project.

From this point we can fix the price to approximately 70% of the project. The other 30% is given as allowance for in the budget. ( price fluctuations, floorplan changes etc ) 

We use a budget allowance based on historical trends to create a budget comfortable for both the client and the builder to work together. This prevents any surprises for either party during the building process.

What if I already have plans and I just need a builder?

We can accommodate whatever your home building needs are, once our team reviews your plans we can start the process of contract, agreement, quoting it and planning out permits and so on. 

What styles of homes can you build?

Our most recent projects are a mix of Craftsman, Prairie, Contemporary, Scandinavian, Vintage Barnhouse styles. However, as a true custom home builder, Stark Homes can accommodate any build style.

Can you build homes that are eco-friendly?

Absolutely. When building custom homes, eco-friendly building practices can be taken into account from the start, as well as current enviromental standards set in place by the province and municipalities. 

Anything in your home from your floors and windows, to your finishes and appliances can be eco-friendly and energy efficient.

For more information about how we build eco-friendly homes, check out our article: Sustainable Building Practices for an Eco-Friendly Home.

What kind of warranty will come with my new home?

All homes we build come with a new home warranty from Canada’s warranty coverage industry leader, TravellersYou can read more about your home coverage here.