We believe that building your custom home should be a special experience, one that leaves you with great memories for years to come. At Stark Homes, we take every opportunity to elevate that experience with our industry-leading build process. Here are our keys for a smooth and one-of-a-kind custom home build.

Building trust

Trust is the most important aspect of embarking on a custom home build. From day one, our goal is to create an environment that is transparent and purposeful. It is paramount to work with someone who makes you feel comfortable, connects to your vision, and communicates effectively with you.

It’s important to take your time when choosing a builder. The process in its entirety often takes over a year to complete, so it’s worth investing the time in finding the right match from the start.


Every build is different. Whether you want to be hands-on with every detail or you’d prefer us to take the reins in helping you achieve a vision, your input is an integral part of the build. 

Our clients are highly valued members of the team and communication between us is key. We consult weekly, if not daily, on all aspects of the build from floor plans to fixtures, fittings and finishes. 

On-site visits are always welcomed and any concerns are dealt with as they arise to ensure the schedule stays on track, and peace of mind is maintained.

Custom means custom

At Stark Homes, every build is unique. We offer a truly custom experience, in that we have never offered or built the same floor plan or house twice. Everything is made specifically for you and designed to fit seamlessly with your lifestyle.

A custom kelowna home built by Stark Homes.
Embrace Okanagan life with custom landscaping and outdoor areas to create even more luxurious living spaces.

Getting started

The majority of clients find us through referrals or recommendations from industry professionals or past clients. Primarily, clients reach out to us at the outset of their new build, ready to bring their unique vision to life.

Whether you’ve purchased your lot already or you’re in the process of making a selection from a particular development, we’ll get started with a first meeting. From there, we’ll develop a building plan from the ground up.

Our first conversations are an important chance for us to learn about your vision for your home. We’ll establish the fundamentals such as the desired size and finishing of the house. This is followed up with an in-person visit to a show home or the potential build site. 

With a clear vision established, we’ll work together with a designer of your choosing or recommend a trusted draftsman to create a set of drawings for you.

Design Process

Your dreams and ideas form the core aspect of our design process. From the initial floor layout to the selection of countertops, regular input and involvement from our clients is essential. We define project goals, manage priorities and offer considerations. It is through collaboration and communication that we elevate the overall vision.

Budgets and Cost

Once drawings are complete, we share the finished plan with our trusted trades and suppliers. Through this involved planning phase, we provide accurate quotes to create a working budget. 

From this point, the price can be fixed for approximately 70% of the project. The other 30% of the budget gives us an allowance for finishes that are subject to change. We create budget allowances based on historical trends of a particular line item. This is typical for finishes and items such as cabinetry and appliances.

Clients often wish to know the cost per square foot to build during the initial conversation. However, until a final set of construction drawings are available, there is no way to accurately answer this question. To help clients in their understanding of what to expect and how to budget accordingly, we offer a build cost history from the previous 4-5 years as a reference point.

The end goal is to create a budget that is comfortable, with no surprises for either party during the building process.

Build schedules

With an agreed budget in place, the contract is defined and the project advances to the permitting phase. Once the contract is signed, a build schedule is also established. We coordinate with our trades and ensure that everything is laid out for the most efficient way possible.

As each home is unique, the time for completion also varies. Historically, most builds take approximately 9-10 months to build. The creation of drawings and the permitting phase is not included in the build schedule, as these will have already taken place.

The all-important completion date is set once the drywall is finished and has met our exacting standards. This allows our clients to set up move-in dates and make their preparations.


Our teams take pride in every project, using high-quality materials and finishes with master craftsmanship. Trustworthy, proven providers are the only trades we work with. This gives us an exceptional home warranty for every build, and peace of mind for our clients.

A custom kitchen including stainless steel appliances, white cabinets and a white stone counter top; part of a custom home build by Stark Homes in Kelowna BC.
Custom kitchens and cabinetry create a unique, purposeful space, fully suited to your family’s needs.

Moving in

As we reach build completion, we’ll hand you the keys to your dream home, a home designed and built, especially for you.

We want you to feel at ease with the transition into your new space and recommend an orientation day. This allows you an opportunity to ask any questions regarding information for your appliances and other home features. 

What sets us apart

Honesty, integrity and a true passion for the custom home building process are what set us apart and form the cornerstones of our company. 

It is our commitment to quality and attention to the smallest details that ensure your home is like no other. Reach out today and get started on the journey to your new dream home.